who is your perfect love match in the tarot cards

Who is your perfect tarot card love match

Ever wondered who is your perfect love match in the tarot cards?

Take this quiz and find out!

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Who Is Your Perfect Tarot Card Love Match I'm %%personality%%


  • Raven says:

    What qualifier am I? I see myself as the queen of wands (mostly) but have lately been going thru stages of movement from the hermit to the hanged man, (,for nearly a year) now to the hierophant. . . . are these just stages my ‘queen of wands’ is experiencing or is that possible?

  • Liz says:

    Hi Ingie…I love your site! I tried the Perfect Tarot Love Match just for fun awhile back and got Page of Swords. Today I asked the Ascended Masters to tell me what role a new (Although we have had many past lives together) love interest will be for me and sure enough the card I pulled was the Page of Swords. LOL Interesting.

  • Lana Adams says:

    You are so right in what my match in love should be your Awesome thank you tarot

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