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  • Sybil says:

    Am i go meet a good soul mate next year a male& am i go get me a car

  • Susan says:

    I’m a mystic type. And everything it said about me, from just a FEW questions was RIGHT ON TARGET!!.

  • zayna says:

    am a healer wow thats somthing

    • Eve says:

      Yes, it matters.
      Always remember that you are a Healer 24 hours and whatever you are doing. Cooking, singing, biking.
      Sometimes it’s hard job to do but the results are great.

  • gg says:

    how can I enhance my abilities

  • Ann Marie says:

    I love your frequency,your website is uplifting 🙂 Love and Light.
    Ann Marie xxx

  • helen says:

    Thanks, Inger
    I do see myself as a Healer!

  • helen says:

    Thanks for all you do to help us to become better Tarot Readers and for all the freebies you give us!

  • Molly - Crystalseer says:

    I am a healer – but I already knew that hahah 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • robert says:

    I’m a mystic reader. hit the nail right on the head. i like reading the cards for what they make me feel. colors…..shapes…senere … actions..etc. your site is very calming .

  • Brandi says:

    I’m an Aquarius & an empath it stands to reason I’d be a Healer. I read for very few people, when I do, I use my intuition, the thing is, lately when I read (example – a three of cups comes up in one reading and I see it a certain meaning the very next reading can get the same card and I have a completely different meaning in my head, even the card LOOKS different to me. Is this normal? Does anyone else

    • Belinda Gonzalez says:

      Brandi I too am an empath, clairvoyant. SUN Sag MOON Sco ASC Aries 4 home plants in my 8th house of Sco. Im ultra sensitive and do not read often and read for very few people as well. I never studied the tarot, but when I was gifted a deck I instinctively knew their meanings (so strange). In fact the person who gifted them to me had me tell her what I thought each meant and we were surprised at my accuracy. I come from a family of mediums but had never even had a reading with cards. It seemed to me as i used them the same cards would come up for people and each time it meant something a little different and sometimes it meant something completely different. I soon came to understand that It was because the story was different. I started then to read it as a story instead of each card individually. That’s when it made sense to me that put in a different scenario it took on a slightly different persona but it still had the same general meaning. For example if you take a person who is a confident CEO in New York and put them in a country setting to milk cows their demeanor changes BUT it’s still the same person. So the card is the same card u just have to see how it fits the story. I use the Zerner Farber deck so I am always finding new things in the pics…just pay attention to what the object is that seems different or is sranding out at the time of the reading. Good luck**** x’x

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